another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 4 March 2011

racer. should be out there bringing up the rear. coming in last, [or second to last], instead my bikes sitting in the shed and me?,well, i'm sitting in the shed and waiting.......


  1. maybe its time to organise a fund raiser pub quiz or the likes its seems to be what the racers over here do the get the price of entry fees ,its a sin to have the racer there and the season started because by the time you get up to race speed they will still have the jump on ya,i trackon its time to sell a kidney sure you have two of them !!!

  2. hard times ed, no one's going to put up the cash for a 50+ backmarker to go racing i'm afraid, nice idea about selling a kidney though, like it, i've booked featival of a thousand bikes at mallory park, and the morini owners club day at cadwell, trying to get an entry into the classic bike burn-up at rockingham too, not racing but tracktime never the less, if i can scrape the cash to race this year it will be saturdays, our firm has been bought out and i just can't commit the cash to racing with possible redundancy hanging over us, 'kidney's for sale, kidney's for sale, fresh kidney's, get your kidney's here.....'