another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 4 March 2011

after a post on ed's 'fingy moto' blogspot i had to check out the ritmo-sereno website, fantastic bikes brilliantly engineered and all with that race look that i think everything from scooters to choppers should have, the orange r90s inspired r80  bike is lovely, my old plod r80 that i converted to a cafe racer in the early nineties was a great bike and i have a real soft spot, [along with barse] for the old, air-cooled boxers, the 'orange' bike has been caned all over the blog's but the beezer? ding-dong, well hello, makes me come all over terry thomas it does.......

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  1. i dont look back too often but when we do its all laughs those bms shiny and matt reach to my heart BMF Kent MAG hardcore years It doesn't come in a box