another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 20 March 2011

mad john the painter brought my stuff back today, he decided that the seat unit wasn't up to his standard and put it back into his motor to respray, me and dangerous looked and looked and tried to find something wrong with it but couldn't, we set up the trusty workmate to machine polish the cut-down front aprilia mudguard, i'm holding it and mad john's polishing away, cutting compound, water, polish, water, cutting compound, polish, he's at it for twenty minutes, i'm covered in compound, mad john decides he's going to have a roll-up, i put the kettle on for a brew, i hear the polishing mop start up, then the sound of the mop picking up the towel that the 'guard is sitting on, the guard spins up the garden, contacting on the path in two places, the dog's, who are sunbathing in the milky sunshine scatter as the 'guard lands between them, mad john turns off the mop and winds up the lead, i hand him his tea and we don't say a word as he throw's the guard in the car boot, the tank though?, well, the tank is a different story, i drill out the holes for the screws, mad john has put so much lacquer on the tank that the screws won't fit, i tape up the 7mm spanner to hold the screws in place and fit the gasket and filler, i stand back and.......


  1. Rofl! That description is brilliant mate!

  2. thank you..... mate, you really wouldn't believe how hard it was to keep a straight face, i really felt for him, i'm pissed off that i have to wait a little longer for my bit's but dangerous?, i'm trying to keep it together and he's braying like a donkey in the shed, wanker!