another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 20 March 2011

i love this bike, everytime i open the shed door and see it i get a buzz, started life as £300, dog rough, commuter bike, me and dangerous cut it to bit's, made stuff for it, argued to the point of fisticuff's and i ended up racing it for real, i'm not very good but i love the underdog, when i talk to people about bike's they just dismiss it and ask why i don't get something faster, better handling and more reliable, they just don't get it do they?


  1. Are those tyres the right way round?

  2. well, yes and no, the tyres are the softest dunlop qualifier compound available,i am running on such a tight budget that i can't afford a set of tyre warmers to run slicks/wet's/inter's like the rest of the boys , so, i run the stickiest road rubber that i can get some heat into, not done a wet/damp race yet but thay are great in the dry, the front's the right way round the rear's not.