another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

like a real life version of one of ozuma kaname's paintings, that's a whole lot of work going on, respect due.


  1. Nice. But on another matter
    'Championship? You're having a laugh!'

  2. aaah, mr inman, we meet again!, bit slow out of the blocks there mate, thought you might have been giving it large before now! i am under no illusion that the mighty rams are nothing but a [hopefully] mid table championship side, yes, we got dicked by a non-league team but, with respect, the owner of crawley has spent more money than us on players, he is assembling a side of very good players, all of whom are profesionals, dissapointing result for sure but not really the shock everyone is making it out to be, the forest result was far more hurtful but we get our chance of revenge next week, on a more hopeful note, we have eight points more than this time last season and my realistic final position at the end of this season?, i'd be happy with twelth spot and delighted at tenth, don't want another season of getting beasted every week like our last term in the premiership, anyway, good luck with your replay, you'll need it!

  3. Screw the Premiership. There's nothing there for the likes of us. I can't bear it. The job's screwed. They're all diving, badge-kissing, chancers with as much loyalty as a half-blind rat. It's the emperor's new clothes.