another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 20 January 2011

 because i'm having a couple of wheels built with 17" aluminium rims it means i have to junk the standard belt-drive pulleys to enable us to run a conventional chain and sprockets, to get the front pulley off is a right job, you can't just drop it in gear and try and undo the retaining nut so i fitted the belt and tie-wrapped it to the pulley then dropped the open 'loop' end around my hydraulic work stand that the bike is standing on, i had to heat the nut up and borrow a 'jims' socket and bar off frenchy to shift it, they are bloody tight, must be hammered on at the factory with an air tool, i got chance to do a bit more on the bonny tank too, dangerous bought a tank repair kit which is similar to the one we used on the mz racer, [couldn't get the 'frost automative' kit as they are out of stock at the present time], washed the tank out with the marine cleaner and dropped a handful of old nuts and bolts into the filler cap and rolled the tank to knock the rust off the inside surfaces, [the bike had stood for a long time and condensation had made a real mess of the tank], i dropped the etching solution in and left that overnight, dangerous washed it out this morning and spent most of the evening drying out the tank with a heat gun ready for the sealant, we decided to leave this stage until tomorrow so we can make sure the tank is totally dry.


  1. yep, it's a heavy duty carlisle panther ultra-cord, it's the only belt iv'e had that i haven't snapped, got a couple of marks in it but well servicable, [especially as a spare] you can have it for 'nowt if it helps you out.

  2. its allus worth having somthing as back up as t'owd robbie nood wont have one on the shelf and if it snapped whilst at the manx game over
    cannot find your e-mail
    one more thing im 51 too and i have learnt that if you want to feel let down all the time become an out of fashion midlands football club fan...i no longer care what go's off on the park try driving back from wembley second place and knowing that in your lifetime this was the only chance ever!! i have anohter let down story too but if i tell you that you will never get that time back either zzzzzzzzzzzz cheers tim

  3. you hit the nail on the head there grant regarding the out of fashion midlands football team, my e-mail is, belt's got your name on it.