another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 9 December 2010

mine and vinny's gs1000's at santa pod mid eighties, taking a breather between competing in the ultimate streetbike races, we had similar tastes in bikes as you can see, i went blue, vince went red, similar things?, rg 500 front mudguards, micron forkbraces, vincent straight bars, white springs on our marzochi remote reservoir shocks, same seats, [can't remember the name], alpha 4 into 1 exhausts, vince was packing a gsx1100 aluminium swinging arm, me?, aftermarket deep braced metmachex 'arm, vince, white powdercoated 'snowflake' wheels, me?, polished rim's with blue spray painted wheels, 'cir-cycle' bellmouths and aeroquip brake hosing, yeah, you can laugh at the styling now but we took our cue's from our heroes, wes cooley, eddie lawson and dave aldana, we were in the shed every night, getting bruised fingers and making mistakes.