another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 9 December 2010

back to the eighties again, here's me at santa pod raceway competing in the old 'superbike' magazine ultimate streetbike competition, basically, you turned up at the dragstrip and raced head to head with whover you were drawn against in the next lane, it was run on the old 'run-wot-you-brung' rules, the scrutineering was a basic glance at the bike, no noise reg's, helmet, boots and gloves the only protection required and bang, you're racing, i'm still wearing my trusty, bell helmet, doc martin and levi's combo, the bike has lost the bikini 's'fairing as a result of a lowside midweek slide while racing vinny adams on the roads, the headlight is off an xs1100 yamaha, the look seemed a radical styling exercise back in the day,[ must admit it look's pretty pant's now], motorcycle's popularity was at an all time low back then, there wasn't the same 'cool' connection as there is now, people looked at you differently to today, we rode our bikes to the 'strip, got as many run's in as we could and if we didn't blow them up or crash, rode them home again, [racing from every set of 'light's].


  1. i used to do the superbike drag races when they came to ireland used a 1100r honda and a 350lc managed to get a prize for placing to .

  2. mint ed!, love the photo of you on the kwak!, get some photo's up racing the lc!