another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 4 November 2010

funny old world really, this time last week i was sitting in lax, drinking budweiser and waiting for my flight home, this week i go in the shed and gary inman from sideburn is in there, 'ey up gary mate, what the fuck you doing in my shed?', 'listen you derby bastard want some do you!', 'calm down gary, i know you leed's fan's are considered one of the elite but what the fuck are you doing in my shed?' 'well actually, i would like to do a 360 degree feature on your shed for performance bike', 'carry on then dude, franny lee kicked norman hunter's arse though didn't he?', 'fuck off you derby bastard, we are leed's. we are leed's we are leed's......', 'ok gary, let's just smile for the photo and then we can sort it out', 'ok mate, cheese,', 'did you just say leed's?'............'we all fucking hate leed's.....' , 'scab', fuck you', 'fuck you right back scab',' don't start on the miners strike' 'bollock's', fuck you', great night, thank's paul and gary.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH...Brill look forward to seeing that mate..!!

  2. well done lad pb is a good mag will have to buy it,,,,,,