another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 18 July 2010

...........i change out of my leathers and boots, shorts and t-shirt and con's the order of the day, it's getting hot now, i put the kettle on and dangerous goes to work on the bike, it's filthy, oil and petrol from the overflow all over the bike, the two brass tubes araldited into the top of the float bowl to ease cavitation have fractured adding to the mix, there's brake dust and chain lube everywhere, we work in silence wiping down the bike and checking fasteners, the earth lead off the cylinder head to the top engine mount is loose, there's not enough thread left on the studs to fit nylock's, the bottom exhaust bracket has shaken itself loose so i tighten that, as we wipe the bike down we are tightening fasteners and checking the lock-wire to see if anything has moved, i check the fuel level, we have used loads so i carefully mix some more fuel and oil and top up the tank, i check the plug, we are running rich, not a bad thing on a new motor, i then realise how naive i've been, i haven't even got any spare jets or plugs with me, what a dickhead, real school boy error, my mood is lifted when 'the world's most handsome man' benjamin jones, debbie and steve marsh turn up, i'm touched that they have come to support me, ben has his 'los bastardos de le muerte' [the bastards of death], t-shirt on, los bastardos was one of those ideas we had when i was in for a long tattoo session and developed from there into a running joke, debbie and steve?, well iv'e known debbie for 30 years, way back from the 'telegraph' years and steve 'mucker' marsh over 35 years, i was his dad's apprentice and when steve started work a year after me after he got kicked out of school, i was a cocky sixteen year old and tried to tell him what to do, he sabotaged my puch vs50d and nearly killed me, we have been best mates ever since, i make more tea and we sit in the sunshine and watch dangerous helping john re-fuel his goldie and try and sort out his starting problems, [he changed the tank and knocked one of the leads off the coil], mucker offers me some pork pie, i tell him to fuck off and we then have twenty minutes of piss-taking out of me about being a vegetarian, 'meat is murder' i say, ben and steve give it me big-time, bastards!

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  1. Mate, all joking aside, it takes real huge and hairy clackers to do what you're doing, racing a bike at any level, so mucho respect. And I cant take any credit for the Basts of Death, that was your idea. I do however, have a great idea myself, get some meat down yer neck, or at least stop using that gash soya milk, it justs ruins the tea!