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Thursday, 10 June 2010

went to see julian cope, 'the arch drude', at the rescue rooms in snottingham, love the venue, it's an old masonic building just around the corner from rock city, i reckon you can get around 300 people in there at a squeeze, i've seen loads of gigs here but it does get a little 'intimate', last time i saw julian was four years ago at the same venue, he had a full band last time, this time was a semi-acoustic with effects pedals and various members of his road crew layering effects with an antique analogue synthersizer, banging a large bass drum, [emblazoned with the statement 'you can't beat your head for entertainment'] and holding up fine art prints, a protest banner, 'end amerikkkan kapitalism' and waving the international anarchist flag, the songs were all classics and stripped back to basics took on a new meaning, punk doesn't need to be loud to get the message over, he's dropped the 'u' boat commanders cap and swapped it for a united air force 1960's air marshall's cap, like he says ' you need to keep up with the bad guy's', saint julian.

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