another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 7 May 2010

like i said last night not the most interesting of pictures to publish but here's the story, the mz racers use the german pvl race ignition, here's mine mounted to the frame, i made two aluminium spacers from 15mm round stock drilled 6mm clearance, [or 6 commer 3 if you really need to know], i lined the ignition unit up with the dropping frame rail , drilled the left hole and bolted it up, then spun the unit 90 degrees to it and spotted through, realised that i needed to take 1mm off right hand mounting for earth lead so it bolts up square, took it all apart and modified right mounting, drilled frame and bolted up, shit, the holes are too big in the ignition unit and may pull through when i tighten it up, make an ally spacer fom a piece of scrap so it bolts up square, nylock nuts inside frame so it doesn't shake loose, to do this i have to take the rearsets off, i keep getting asked why it's taking so long to get the bike done, hope this goes some way to explain.

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