another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 7 May 2010

had a stroke of luck this week, sometimes the answer comes to you when you least expect it, doing a job at work this week, assembling a big off-shore valve for a petro-chemical rig and one of the filters was damaged when i opened the packaging, quick measure up with my trusty steel rule and realised this little beauty might be suitable to use on the project, order new part and stash this one in my bag, [it was going to go in the bin anyway, i'm doing my bit to save the planet so fuck you!], bit of 'massaging' to remove the damage, cut a couple of rubber packers from dangerous's inner-tube and clamp on with a nice stainless jubilee clip, perfect, stop any ingress of stones and grit straight down my inlet port and looks cool to boot.

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