another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 14 May 2010 dave is on a mission on the way back, we are approaching mansfield and there's that beautiful, long left hander, theres a twat in a mazda mx5 trying to race us, at least he's in the left-hand lane, bye, bye, dangerous brakes, i don't, into the island and i'm ahead, dangerous is at the side of me, he's gesturing to me to pull over, i take the slip road and my number plate is hanging on by one screw, both indicators are hanging off, neither are working, i tell dave to carry on to neil's, out with the trusty leatherman and the indicators are off, the number-plate follows and i stuff them down my jacket in the morrison's carrier bag that i carry my camera in in case of inclement weather, i'm soon back on the road, pull up at a set of lights, two lads in a builders van pull up next too me, 'yer number plates fell off youth', shouts one, 'yeah, i know' i shout back, into mansfield and i'm soon at neil's new workshop, dangerous makes a brew and neil is already bolting on a reg-rec out of his spares pile, apparently there was a re-call on the 1098's, the underseat pipes were frying the reg-rec's so ducati supplied a new one and some underseat thermal protection under warranty so neil has a load spare, good job really at £200 a throw, neil let's dangerous have one gratis, nice gesture that.

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