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Friday, 14 May 2010

billy davies, used to be the rams manager, got us up into the premiership and bottled it, play-off final vs west brom, we won one-nil, steven pearson goal, after match interview and the bastard say's that 'he wished he had done it with preston'. that was the end really, so he goes to forest, about right really, how i laughed when they fucked up against blackpool, forest spent six million quid in their effort to get back into the prem, we are still suffering because of this twat's buy's, [claude davis?, three and a half million for a donkey who would be hard pressed to make it into a sunday league side], watched the post-match interview and already he is making excuses, do us a favour billy, just fuck right off, oh yeah, were going to do you home and away next season too you red-dog forest bastard.

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