another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 3 April 2010

the 'top' mounting bracket bolted to the frame, the bracket is a nice tight fit around the frame and is secured with a 6mm countersunk set screw, i drilled and tapped both ends 8mm to mount the rearset plates off, this was easier said than done, the brackets about 300mm long and i had to use the vice off my pillar drill and drop the bed of the miller down as far as it would go to give enough room to drill it, then i had to unbolt the head of the miller and slide it forward to centre the bit, pain in the arse.


  1. Looking great. When's the first race? G

  2. honestly, i don't know, trying to get the bike done for pembrey, may bank holiday weekend, i've seriously underestimated the amount of money i need to go racing, this is supposed to be the cheapest form of racing available but a full season is going to cost around 6k, too much money, i think the trouble is the that we are racing with bemsee who must be the most expensive club in the country for entries, don't know if it's to do with the tie-in with motors tv but £300 to race at brands hatch is ridiculous money for so-called 'budget racing', done a bit of research and to race with most clubs you are looking at entry fee's of around £80!

  3. Mmm, short track IS the cheapest (short of trials anyway). £50 entries. Tyres last nearly a season (unless you're one of the top 4). It's a different bag to road racing, but it's still a hell of an adrenalin kick and a good crowd. But you're in too deep now. The engine's tuned and everything... Good luck anyway. G