another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 3 April 2010

10mm cast aluminium plate, i'm using cast so it snaps off when i fall off rather than dural which is more malleable and may bend the frame rather than snapping on impact, the mountings for the master cylinder and reservoir will be bolt on items, [hard to explain, i will post photo's when done], the peg's are represented by the socket head bolt, i got my paddock stand roughly in position to represent where my feet would fall and made the bracket to suit, chain drilled the stock to rough shape and onto the miller to clean it up, we have to make two of these for when i crash so we can replace them, good job really because i made two the same and then realised that i need to leave some stock on the bottom run on the gear change side so we can modify the throw on the gear lever to give a more positive change, mz racers wreck loads of gearboxes because of the length of the actuating arm, studying the ducati again i noticed how they got over the problem of having the long actuating arm and hopefully i can preserve the 'box from damage due to sloppy changes.

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