another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 29 November 2009

well, i got six hours in the shed today and i've got nothing done, it was all measuring and making lists of stuff we need, the wheel spindles are quarter pipe in the rear and 12mm threaded bar in the front, [remember me crowing about the rear wheel spindle fitting like a glove? serves me right, i slid it in and discovered it was about 80mm too short, how can that be?, well mz use a two-piece spindle, the missing 80mm bit is held in by a circlip to pick up the speedo drive on the rear wheel which means i have to go to the stockholders and get some decent stock to make front and rear spindles, deep joy], need some dural to make a top yoke but i'm going down to baker's the scrap yard to have a look, i need a piece 10"x5" x 30mm deep and thats going to cost a fortune from the stockholders so i know what i'm doing in my dinner hour tommorow.


  1. Did you see that article I did in PB about what has to be the best MZ racer in Britain a couple of years ago? G

  2. ey up gary, yeah i saw it, funnily enough i have just dug it out from my pile of back issues for a bit of inspiration, it really is a nice little bike, [if you can mention 'mz'and 'nice' in the same sentence], at the end of the article you mention that it makes you want to have a go, not tempted to run one alongside the rotax?

  3. I had a little go at road racing last month and it didn't do it for me in the same way that short track does. I'm totally addicted to the ovals. I'm missing them already. Good luck though. I've been to see MZ racing and they're a good bunch. You can't have much of an ego if you're an MZ racer. Not like some of the club racing meatheads. G