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Sunday, 29 November 2009

had to get a mock-up today to ease the disapointment of not getting a lot done, one of the things that really surprised me was the amount of rake on the standard forks, it's actually more than the sportster!, ok for cruising but no good on the track, the standard top yoke is a pig-ugly 'stepped' affair so dropping the forks through the yokes reduces the rake angle and reduces the trail which should increase the steering response, the problem with this though is that the stability may be affected because the reduction in trail happens faster than than the change in the rake, this means i have a lot of work to do setting the bike up, mz racers generally use shorter shocks which again will alter the rake and trail and the front height has to be adjusted to give the same geometry, the angle of the swinging arm will be affected which will also affect the angle of the chain run but we can change this by dropping the motor in the frame using spacers,[ the engine hangs from the frame, theres no under cradle which helps], lots and lots of head-scratching and beard tugging for sure. the clip-on's aren't the ones i'm using, they were fitted on the ducati when i got it so i just cut some rubber packers to get an idea what they would look like, one of the plus points amongst all the negatives i've discovered today is how nice it is not having to worry about mounting reg plates, lights, indicators and all the other road bike shit you have to consider on a road based project, i know it's only a little mz but i'm getting pretty revved about it now.

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