another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 12 November 2016

marvin gaye

wotcha, I tried with instagram I really did, under the drty_nails pseudonym I posted, what? fifty odd pictures but I'm sorry it's just not for me, I got 'likes' ( whatever the fuck they are) wannabe supermodels and fourteen year old girls who really know what an MZ two-stroke race bike is. I thought about just nuking the loveless blog and starting again but why? It's been a big part of my life for the past few years, there's loads of history here, (well for me anyway) Instagram just felt a bit, well, 'false' to me, it seemed that a lot of the users are more interested in 'followers' than actually putting anything real out there, there's too much emphasis on selfies and inane bollocks than people building stuff and posting about their experiences. No posts since april so here's the skinny, sold the Ducati hypermotard, bought a KTM 690 duke hooligan machine, did the Morini owners club trackday, sold the Ducati tt2 replica, (after doing the festival of jurby in the Isle of Man) had a stonking Classic tt festival, been to Arizona for the annual Bailey family holiday and dangerous had a big off at Mallory Park last weekend on the Ducati and smashed his collarbone to atoms at the penultimate English trackday before the winter shutdown. Any comments welcome as usual, send cheques and duffel bags full of used 'twenties, carbon fibre goodies, titanium doo-dads and racy magazines or dvd's to the usual address, my e-mither address is If you need to contact me, if you are easily offended better fuck off now and find something more suitable, oh yeah, here's some advice, listen to marvin gaye, I recommend trouble man............


  1. Heeey,
    Welcome back Tim.
    I've checked your blog occasionally, more in hope than expectation. Really glad it was worth doing.

  2. Dear Mr Loveless I'am so glad you are back in town . Have re-read your blog while you was away . Please keep going . I don't think you realize how make pleasure we have reading your ranting"s. Is the not the tt ducati finished ??F*ck F*ck f*uck THIS is a good day !! Julian Leusden Holland

  3. Found the photo on drty_nails ducati is finished I see can we see some more photos of the built ( when your inclined ) F&ck this is a ggod day

  4. Glad you're not nuking the blog...I still haven't read all the older posts..
    Instagram is full of a lot of flotsam and jetsam, and some cool stuff. I've almost bailed a few times, (seems it got worse after FB bought it...). I use it now because my cameras have died, and the phone cams have gotten so good. Also use the Direct message feature more now, it's a quick way to leave messages.With the recent politiks, it was getting pretty full of Bullshit....but that's dying down...

    Well, looking forward to seeing more of Tim's excellent adventures. Will be getting back to my blog, have some stuff in the "can".
    Speedy recovery to Dangerous...keep us posted.

  5. Whoah! Never expected that! Thanks everyone for your kind words, I'm not worthy, peace.............

  6. Yep, very glad to see your back, any chance of you lobbing up some pics of the finished ducati on here? I was really looking forward to seeing the finished article. So you've only got a ktm in the garage at the mo, how long will that last, before its got company.

  7. Been checking on here weekly hoping for an update, even gone back to the beginning and read through them all again, glad to see your back and well fella and hope dangerous is making a good recovery, looking forward to the updates and the great photos, lets see some bikes then!