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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

HThank you to everyone who has been in ,touch about my descision to kickstart the blog again, I am somewhat gob-smacked that anyone was still interested in my rants and ramblings and as for a reading it again from the start, get a life you saddo's! ( warning- irony alert, thank you I really am touched) I am mulling over the next project at the moment, as I said the 'not a Ducati tt replica' was sold a few weeks ago after doing the Morini Riders trackday at Cadwell and thrashing it around Jurby in the Isle of Man at the Classic TT. I currently have two KTM's the Supermoto and a 690 Duke which I have 'lightly modified' ( pictures to follow, I am struggling at the moment and having to post from my iPad as the blogger format has changed and I cannot access my photos from picasweb, please bare with me, I will sort it out) The Ducati certainly  got some attention on the island, my favourite was one ' expert' pointing out all the classic Ducati Pantah racing history to his mates until Dangerous shot him down in flames by informing him it was actually a fuel injected super sport looky-likey! Any suggestions for the next project gratefully received, so far for consideration- an old Brit, restore a japper, another sporty, another 'inkley bonneville, a dirty two-stroke of some description, big gs thousand or katana ama super bike replica, perhaps a trackday bike? Never done a streetfighter either so what about a gixxer? Let me know folks, I can't decide at the moment. Dangerous has had an operation on his shoulder and has had a plate fitted, he's in quite a lot of pain and is grumpy as fuck but I never noticed to tell you the truth as he's always like that's! I've stripped the damaged bits off the Scrambler and ordered up all the replacement parts so not really sure if it's his shoulder hurting him or the fact that the tight gits had to get his purse out. Anyhow, here's some pictures of the finished Ducati, thanks again and keep your bowels open and your tongue out..............


  1. Superbike or streetfighter forsure.

  2. Dear Mr Loveless A MZ Trophy special extended swinging-arm , single cylinder engine ( xt500 ??? )seat -unit ala mz racer underseat pipe ditch the earls forks just a few idea's . think of all the really cool parts that you like and get drawing gret pictures of the ducati. Julian Leusden Holland

  3. Loving your bike! Looks like a great one for racing through tough terrain. Keep up the posts!

  4. I'm still liking the idea of the BSA A65...

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