another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 27 March 2016

wind and rains is cold.

easter sunday. i'm driving and in the company of a gang of septuagenerians, dangerous, sweary mick and chalky, off to wigan for the first round of the british supermoto championship. just a great day, very wet, very cold, the mother of all thunderstorms fading away to milky sunshine. hard, close,  fast racing on the super- twisty-tight- three-sisters track. these boy's are quick. if you haven't seen supermoto racing before go and have a look, amazeball's, respect due.......


  1. Yeah Jan, 'amazeballs' a Mrs b Scottish saying (ie, 'look at this I've made for the bike' Mrs b, 'och pish, amazeballs, now git yourself in for your tea' another favourite is 'put it in the fuck it buckit'