another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 12 March 2016

save it for later

i like ugly bikes me. i suppose i'm always supporting the underdog's. i like mz's for fuck's sake. i called into the local ktm dealers to pick up some oil filters and consumables and got met with, 'is that your bike mate?' 'yep' 'well fucking move it off the front, we don't want to scare off the punters!' i was then told the story about when he went to austria to see the new models, apparently they displayed them all on the stage and when the 690smc prestige was announced, some bloke just wheeled it over the stage and out the other side to a chorus of 'what the fucking hell is that!' brilliant! now i know my 690 isn't in the same league as my ducati's look's-wise, but over the past few day's i can't imagine being without one of these bastards. light. fast, great handling. they stop. go, [fast!] wheelie on a breath of throttle and you can take liberties on them like no other bike i have ever owned. and they are very fast. stupidly fast for a single cylinder bike. hunt one down now, you can pick them up for peanut's. after all the bollock's trying to sort out the 'not a ducati tt replica' bike this was like a breath of fresh air, i'm cold, wet, cold, covered in mud, cold and laughing like a madmad. feel's like spring's here at last........


  1. I don't know what it is with this bike...But I can't help liking it way to go

  2. Seriously, a sport bike couldn't live with one of these things on a twisty, bumpy, 'b' road, just great fun!

  3. Looks like a fun ride and some nice weather happening on your side. A lot of this continent is back to some real Winter weather. Good thing I've got blogs to read...gotta get back to that "Cosmonaut" story...