another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 18 March 2016

not a ducati tt replica

 friday. i've used up all my sick-day's already so call in and tell them i'm dead. today is the day when the plan finally comes together. or so i thought. as you know, nothing is straight forward in loveless land. dangerous picks up the seat and fairing from the painters, so far, so good, it's just a great job, run free, good finish and blacker than a witches tit. perfect. i phone roy early doors to confirm the vinyl number boards he's going to make and fit for us today. 'sorry mate, give me a bell later on, i'm as busy as fuck'. no problem. he does this for a living and that's what pay's his mortgage. another phone call to nige our man who makes the exhausts, 'sorry mate, the cones haven't arrived and i'm due at mallory to test the race bike so i've not finished your pipes' so, up to see nelly instead to sort out our external fuel pump, [all motorcycle fuel injection fuel pumps are located inside the o.e.m tank so that any hoses blowing off or pump failures are contained, an external pump failure would result in timmy doing a viking longboat funeral impression and flying off into the distance, on fire, swearing loudly and with no way off stopping raw, high octane fuel pumping out all over the rear tyre] nelly sorts us out a suitable pump after some math, bollock scratching and frowning and orders it up off the 'tinterweb. it's an auxillary fuel pump, used to boost the pressure on race and rally cars and dragsters running nitrous, i mean, what could possibly go wrong? another call to roy and there's no-way we are getting the vinyl's sorted today. which brings us back to paint. paint's to stop stuff going rusty. forget all that purple, scalloped, flip-flop, multi-hued rainbow candies, or, heaven forbid murals, you know the ones, a viking warrior, well muscled and swinging a double-edged battle sword with a beautiful, half-naked woman draped around him and fighting off giant maggots in a field of golden corn bollocks. once you go matt black there's no-way back. tough as fuck..................


  1. stealth mode....looking good. Some 'Go Pro' footage when she's a runner..?