another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 13 February 2016

not a ducati tt replica

slow progress this week, i have mostly been decorating the house, running to the tip and dancing to ska at the rescue rooms deep in enemy territory in nottingham, [the beat, still a great band] in-between all that i still found time to watch the not-so-mighty rams getting dicked at home to lowly mk don's and fit the lovely newton-equipe racing quick-filler to the 'peaky-blinder' [aka the not a ducati tt replica] project. what looked a relatively easy job turned into a mares nest as is usually the case, trying to juggle the component parts, a bunyl rubber gasket, aluminium support ring, cork gasket, [covered in blue hylomar for comedy purposes] and filler cap mounting along with aligning all said components and starting the stainless countersunk screws was, rather 'challenging' to say the least. yes, the verlicchi stickers on the swinging arm and the ducati tt f2 world champion '81, '82, '83 and old ducati script decals are there to fool the unwary, yes it's cheeky, no i don't give a fuck if it offends anyone. make eyes pretty, wear clean dress.........


  1. Who made that filler cap? Looks brilliant (haven't got the faintest clue where to put it on, but you know how it goes...)


  2. ohh...I like how the threaded ring fits into and inside the tank...clever, but still looks like it'd be challenging to assemble, with out dropping it into the tank. Looking real good Tim. Our Australian friend is loose in the US...headed for the "Mama Tried" show.

  3. hey greg, the filler cap is from newton equipe, i've used these on a lot of bikes and they are a real class piece of engineering, they are used on a lot of race bikes so you know they are good quality. hi larry, yep, it was a bitch to assemble! you needed three hands to do it but you can do it with a lot of swearing! tell dave i wish him well, dropped him a couple of mail's but no reply, no worries, perhaps he's too busy. i'm booked for the isle of man again. deffo doing the jurby festival. waiting to find out who is running the 'parade' lap this year. this one is on my bucket list. a whole lap of the tt course on closed roads! the vmcc are not doing it this year due to the amount of accidents last year! i'm well up for it though, as soon as i get any confirmation i'll post up details. anyone who reads the blog is welcome to join us.taking over a couple of bikes on the trailer plus riding one over so there's a spare if anyone is up for it?.........