another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 6 February 2016

not a ducati tt replica.

so, a trip to hull today with my trusty compadres dangerous and chalky on probably the wettest, most miserable day of the year so far. torrential rain, vision close to zero and cold, just one of those days in winter when it never really gets light. maccee d's coffee, laughs, piss-taking and feasting on tuna cobs in a steamed up car. strapping down the 'peaky blinder' not a ducati tt replica onto the trailer after master craftsman chad has worked his majick on the handmade aluminium tank. to say i'm impressed is an understatement. formed from flat sheet, plenished, formed and welded and then polished, just a real work of art. chad's workshop is brilliant. james cowton's tt supertwin bike is here awaiting a handmade titanium exhaust. the one off aluminium sub-frame is already done. the triumph 'tracker is just lush, speedway bikes hang off the walls, supermoto's lined up, chad's own very special v-four, four hundred honda trackbike is truly amaze-balls, titanium, carbon one-off's. we are not worthy. the ducati is ditched, 100 miles on an open trailer in the worst weather and you wouldn't expect anything different. two hours of cleaning, drinking tea and listening to the rams scrape a draw away to fulham on the wireless and we are looking something like. loads to do. need to source an external fuel pump, mount the ecu and battery, fairing, seat, fuse box and a thousand and one other 'little' jobs that i haven't even considered. i fucking love it me.......


  1. "Work of art" is an understatement!

  2. Artistry in aluminium alloy, just awesome!

  3. what a fantastic job chad was from the aerospace industry
    by the way my gaffer is called paul clements (lives near 5 lamps) he turned up for work this morning?