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Friday, 1 January 2016

poetry, wordsmith, bob smith, we are not worthy........

suddenly out of the darkness of another boring sodium lit night on the streets of parr, sparks would ignite as the douglas dragonfly grounded its pegs around the sharp and dangerously rutted "oddfellows" bend. the rider wrestled the ill handling machine, teasing out more and more performance than was ever intended, in a split second blur of soundtrack and speed he had battered the corner into submission....he now owned it... and off he his next task. nailing it round the "horse shoe".. "aye that will be bob then"... said the teenager looking on in awe. "aye that was bob"... on bob smith
 just by chance i found this comment left by 'z1toecutter' on a post about the legendary racer bob smith. i was contacted by bob's brother in law regarding my post's on bob from way back when and the family sent me copies of a photo album of very personal pictures that i will post to celebrate the life of great man once we have sorted out all the photo credits. bob smith was a great racer, humble, funny and fast as fuck, his memory will live on with the recently announced bob smith trophy races at scarborough, [the scene of many of bob's win's] looking back through the pictures reveals the talent of bob, ex world champions, marco luchinelli, wayne gardner and barry sheene amongst the fellow racers bob bested.
          z1toecutter must have known bob, or, at least been a fan, he has put into words what i can't. respect due.

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