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Saturday, 16 January 2016

beaky blinder [aka the ktm supermoto project]

 axle sliders are a prerequisite for bikes being prepared for the novice supermoto series, they serve a couple of purposes, they stop the bike damaging the track and they should hopefully prevent the bike digging in and barrel rolling in the event of a 'low-side'. i scanned the 'tinterweb for some for the 'beaky blinder' project and was suprised how expensive they were! so, last weekend at newark i bought a length of machinable nylon stock and a couple of lengths of 8mm stainless bar and made some instead. total expenditure? just over a tenner. sorted.
   over the holidays i realised just how disorganised we had let the shed become so me and dangerous had a serious clean up. i sorted out all the old harley/triumph/ducati/bmw spares and stuck them on ebay. we got pretty ruthless and junked loads of crap and i even purchased some new storage for all the stainless/titanium fasteners and sorted them out into size order. even the pictures on the wall were culled as i started to feel a little claustrophobic with all the different images. the shed looks a little clinical now but it certainly feels better plus we needed to make some room for the 'not a ducati tt replica project'.............


  1. Shop space and bikes are looking sharp, as usual...only more so. Axle sliders sound like a good thing...for street bikes as well.
    Did the background of your blog go white on it's own as mine did? I had to get into the layout area... and eventually figured out how to change it back...a glitch in he matrix, I assume...looking forward to the coming posts on the not a rep Ducati.

  2. hey Larry, thanks for that, i couldn't believe how scruffy the shed had become, we just lurch from one project to another and never really step back to take stock of things and move shit on. [i'm always three bikes in front i'm afraid, well,i am in my head anyway] yep, my background turned white too! like i said, i'm a luddite me, [look it up if you haven't heard the expression before] had to get mrs b to sort it out for me. as for the 'not a ducati tt replica' should have some exciting news soon.....