another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

clean that evil mud out your soul

long term contributor, music aficianado and all round good cornish egg, jan, from the stinky 5 blogspot and new fangled instant-gran sent me a copy of the brilliant ladybird-for-grown-up's book about hipsters for christmas. so, so funny, using artwork from the original ladybird books but with a 'large, clear script, the careful choice of words and the thoughtful matching of text with pictures all enable grown-up's to think they have taught themselves to cope.'
[to be read as a companion to the bikeshed mc cafe/bar/shop here  [please be sure to read the 'rules' for membership and please behave if you do visit, i mean, we don't really want to have to ask you to leave because you have a noisy exhaust or are riding like a twat and don't think about leaving your bike on our premises if you have had a couple of port and lemons even if you have the membership deal that actually allows you to buy alcohol after eight in the pm. remember folk's, motorcycles are meant to be displayed in a trendy, exposed brickwork, leather 'chesterfield' sofa, 'bro' handshaking, air-conned [yeah, you fucking have been] tattoo/barbershop/brasserie/retail emporium, something to be admired whilst sipping an overpriced coffee and talking bollocks about your recently commisioned honda superdream 250 cafe racer................


  1. Happy New Years! "Brother"...said in my best Hipster enunciation...hmmm..I wonder if the new up-scale Pub down the street serves freshly oven balched beet corn labneys...on planks?

  2. happy new year larry, looking forward to reading your adventures on the race-bikes, now, get yourself in the shed with a nice cuplet of fitney 'teh' [with a dash of 'commoners milk'] and tuck into some greeny grass and pitley parsnip mother-cakes [with a sprinkler of raw sweet sacker] all the while checking out your gary sideburns.......

    1. Been cold as a cold thing here...not getting any shed time in yet...might go play in the snow with some planks strapped to my feet...picked up a if I could just get the editing program to download properly...grrrrr...brrrrr...and Gary's lost his sideburns...and the Turkey/pesto sandos at Starbucks are't half bad...and now I'm on E-bay looking at HD parts...The Interplanetary Recluse has an Instagram account (with some prety funny stuff)...what's the world come to?