another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 20 December 2015

beaky blinder [aka the ktm supermoto project]

 new rubber, is there anything finer? this week we are mostly continuing the replacement of the o.e.m plated fasteners with stainless stuff, turned up on the lathe as usual, new renthal superlight sprockets and a gold chain from rob at racinglines. fitted the acerbis race handguards and cleaned up the chain adjusters and alloy spindle-nuts. the mirror is the oberon one off the 'peaky blinder' ducati, turned down along with the oberon bar end weight to fit the renthal 'fatbars', rg tail tidy fitted, need to solder up the wires for the number plate light and tidy up the wiring by pulling it back into the seat unit, the numberplate is a 'cheater' courtesy of chalky's mate, stamped up with the bsi number but ever so slightly smaller [ 'it was fitted when i bought the bike officer' ahem...] keeping it tidy using double-sided tape to mount it rather than drilling it and using those horrible plastic screws, [admit it, you didn't even notice it did you, but now you have am i right or what?] what goes around comes around so back to the new rubber, dunlop mutant's, [great name] a specialist supermoto tyre, very sticky, soft compound and sidewall, an almost road legal 'wet' race pattern tyre and very expensive, but seriously, can you imagine anything else being fitted to this bike?........


  1. Your pterodactyl has cleaned up nicely, and those tire titties are screaming out... Tim, Tim, scrub us know you want to.

    1. And... Happy Holidays to you and your family Tim!