another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 7 November 2015


day out with dangerous and chalky last weekend, up to hull to drop off 'peaky' at chads for some work. stupidly mild for this time of year, we hit the humber bridge, dodging the scooterists on their way home from their last rally of the year, [we are not worthy, we 'need' an 'adventure' bike / tourer / bagger / blah, blah to even consider a ride over a hundred miles, yet, these lads and lasses think nothing of travelling five hundred plus miles in a weekend on a 200cc two-stroke, respect due, done it myself, the bikers big event, the farmyard party at helmsley, fell off on the wet grass outside the beer tent at fuck this o'clock, sunday morning much to the hilarity of the assembled party animals still drinking from the night before, bike never even stalled, just lay there ticking over, they picked me up and clapped me away, just a great moment. i had one of my sporsters at the time but me being me, i kicked against the jams and bought a couple of vespa scooters, my ride to work px 200 disc and a project, [wow, that's a suprise] it ended up a  matt black, tuned to buggery, scootershop race seat special to fuck about on, loved the reaction when i turned up at rally's / runs /demo's on it, nothing to prove i guess, been there, done that] any-fucking-way, back to the plot, i checked out that the british supermoto's were having their final meeting at my beloved cadwell park, thirty miles away,[not from my house, from where i dropped off 'peaky', keep up with the plot!] no contest. chalky blags us in for gratis, [we have an empty trailer on the back of the motor, 'just picking a bike up, not bothered about watching the racing mate....'] cheeky fucker! just brilliant. oh my, my knee's are going wobbly, fucking hell, these boys are on it! massive grids, foot down, slick shod, motocross bikes, fighting tooth and nail for positions, what's not to like about it, i'm transfixed, i forget to take photo's, it's cheap to race, cheap to buy a competitive machine, friendly and just looks like great fun, as we make our way home and the sun sets i'm already doing the sums.......................


  1. Yeah...around these parts I've been seeing a lot of street legal versions during morning work commutes. I've test rode my 86 XR 200R, which is already street legal, a few times on the street. I start thinking I need to pick up some spare wheels and get them shod with street tires...stop that Tim! Your'e giving me ideas!

  2. Supermotos look like they'd be a blast to ride. A trip through CO, UT and NM would be awesome. I remember New Mexico as being particularly sweet. Can get pretty cold there in the higher elevations even in October, November. You make me feel like a slacker. Other than some rides to Idaho and an emergency trip out to Amarillo TX last year, haven't been out west since my rambling days in the seventies.
    If you ever find yourself in Indiana the gate to the compound is open and I'll leave the porch light on.