another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 18 September 2015

money greedy - a.k.a tax generator machine.

heard the rumour that derbyshire police were using an un-marked 'builder's van' old, 02 plate, speed camera van as a tax generator, surely not? how could they stoop that low? really? surely they should be out catching robber's, mugger's, burgular's and anyone of a genuine threat to national security rather than parking up in a lay-by on the flat-stick straight out of pikehall heading towards buxton? unfortunately the rumours are true, as i appproached said van i had that little niggle that everything wasn't quite what it seemed, i rolled it off and clocked the toss-pot, love's his job too much, tax-man hunkered down waiting to sting me for a hundred quid and six points, as i passed the van, [seriously, unless you are as paranoid as me, you would have been done, old coffee cup's and newspaper's on the dash, a 'gb' sticker and mirrored windows, auction 'block' paint job and 'patined' bumpers, everything shouted genuine] i slowed enough to take the piss, forty-five-miles-per-hour and just happened to flick 'em the 'english archer's' as i passed, 'no officer, i was just flicking up my visor....' fuck 'em and their law's.... [not my picture, i'm not stupid enough to go back...]


  1. Seen him there many times.Never seen it anywhere else.Sure it earns the money for the Christmas party.Wish they would catch the real villains.

  2. "safety camera", I thought that was why they used them, to be high visibility to act as a deterrent to slow people down, and improve road safety, this is as you've said Tim, sneaky, underhanded, and just a pure revenue stream. I actually saw one of the normal high viz camera vans doing about 80 down the motorway, got his reg, but wasn't sure how I could tell the police how I knew he was speeding, ahem!