another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 12 September 2015


like all modern motorcycles the hyper-retard is strangled by prohibitive emmision regulations, the manufacturers struggle to maximise performance, but, there is a trade off because the stupid governments decide that you are having too much fun for your own good, we should all be riding around in enviromentally friendly cars, not having fun on lary, dangerous motorcycles, so, catalyser's, [what's a catalyser? mention the 'c'word to the dog's and they are on a mission to kill furry, feline's] no, what we are talking about is a big, heavy, ugly box of bollock's that keep's your emmisions down to some anonymous, boring, fun-killing, brussels beurocrats idea of control, thank god that we still have a way around this prohibitive legislation. i ordered a leo-vinci cat eliminator as soon as i picked up my bike, swapped it out today, fuck me, the oem item is a big heavy unit! dropped it on the scales and it weighs in at seven kilo's! the l.v. de-cat is a fantastic piece of kit, weighs nothing, lovely welding, fitted up easily, the bike just sounds so much better, still running standard silencers, but, just more responsive, ordered a k+n filter and going to open up the standard air-box too, a rexxer tune and an hour on the dyno and i reckon we are somewhere near, fuck 'em and their law's.....

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  1. Cough, CANS, cough! Can't get rid if that cough Tim.