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Friday, 11 September 2015

classic tt / manx gp 2015 [part two]

saturday, first day of racing at the classic tt dawns overcast but dry, the forecast is fair, unlike the rest of the british isles, [it's a bank holiday weekend for fucks sake, what do you expect?] a walk down to the local co-op in port st. mary for a bag of salad, tomatoes, red pepper humous, a selection of very, very smelly cheese's and some whole wheat wraps, stuffed into my day-sack and off to braddan church, tea and cake all day long courtesy of the w.i. just a great place to watch the racing, commentary via manx radio, sitting in the warm sunshine and a wander around the parked bikes during races reveals why i come back here, the tough as fuck goldwing , matt black cutdown, [bobber? bob my arse you seeyouen.T!] it's a cutdown, simple, paired to the bone, just like it should be, not some 'trying-too-hard-mad-max-look-a-likey] the rigid triumph and the hard-as-nails, proper old school gsx suzuki, original, [why did we ever think they were cool, rectangular headlight and chunky rear seat unit] upside downers, three-spoke dymags, mono-shock conversion, just rock-hard, maria costello's 'lil two-stroke, i'm a real sucker for two-strokes, the real sound and smell of road racing, the two kawasaki's, mint, ducati, on the bench, broke and trying to get mended, [what else did you expect?] the amazing 500cc, egli vincent comet, pete boast's 500 honda, oh my, sheer music.........andy molnars, four-valve, manx norton, suzuki, original two-valver endurance endurance racer, non of this bandit engined bollock's going on here, a snip at sixteen thousand big-one's, motosachoce? never, ever seen one before, but, you know what? i like it a lot, panigale, mike hailwood, '78 comeback colours, brilliant, bsa traily and well 'ard suzuki, just the best day ever, loads of mileage, laugh's, nearly running out of fuel, everything that bike's should be about, watching the sun go down over port st.mary, sorted......


  1. That Motosacoche is just perfect!

  2. There used to be a build-thread on Mr. Strangewayz GSX 7/11 on, not sure, whether that's mirrored somewhere, but definitely worth a look. The guy's a genius on the TIG.

    Oh and it must be that extra beer I had before, but the flatblack Goldwing? Gorgeous.