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Friday, 25 September 2015

classic tt / manx gp 2015 [part five]

the fairy bridge, it's a superstition to say hello to the fairies everytime you cross the famous landmark, a superstition that a lot of the racers, visitors and locals alike believe in, me included. bad luck is often put down to the mythical fairies being 'dissed' by people not saying hello. the bridge itself, the sign and the surrounding trees are festooned with flags, stickers, letters and offerings to the 'little people' it's a place to ask for the fairies to look after your loved ones and to pay respect for fallen friends.
   the last afternoon of our trip see's us down at the calf of man and the sound, a bunch of german visitors turn up on their classic machines, just brilliant, i mean, have you ever, ever seen a 'schuttoff' before? especially ridden by a bloke wearing a barry sheene replica helmet? that's what makes the classic tt so special, just those unexpected gems and laugh-out-loud moments, the big, brummie lads sitting on the bank at sulby, just so funny with that dry, west midland self-deprecating humour, the boys we shared our digs with, two goldstars, a 350 and a 500 and their mate on the rattiest triumph twenty-one in history, the great day at the jurby festival, [some twat making a nuisance of himself on the peaky blinder' all too soon we were waiting on the quayside at stupid 'o clock to catch the ferry back to reality. bikes safely stowed and secured, coffee and we were already making plans for next year.........

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