another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 28 June 2015

never trust a man [with egg on his face]

 the peaky blinder ducati project was always going to be a track-bike only machine. that was until i realised that for most of the year it would be sitting in the shed doing nothing, so, the infamous daytime mot passed, taxed and it's ready to hit the road. i've done around seven hundred road miles on the bike since the trackday at cadwell, i really can't get enough of this thing. since nelly at cornerspeed re-flashed the ecu with the rexxer tuning package, [finding a very useful five bee-haytch-pee and a linear torque curve to boot] i've been caning it. it feel's great riding a barely legal bike on the road, no indicator's, small numberplate, no headlight, blah, blah, blah. a thin piece of neoprene for a seat, big analogue tacho and tiny digital speedo, the bike is better than the standard road bike, the fueling is spot on, no lurching and searching like the standard bike, pulling cleanly from two thousand in top gear, it makes riding in town traffic a joy. on the open road? a wiff of throttle will see you past most traffic, the bike is so light and just 'flickable' it actually laughs at you and your feeble human attemps at cornering, 'is that all you have in the locker monkey-boy?'. to say i'm chuffed is an understatement. i've had a couple of minor problems that you get with any newly built machine, [tail-light and numberplate vibrated off and smashed themseves to rat-shit, ended up cutting the wire with my knife and stuffing the mashings down my jacket to get home] my clutch casing mounting screws vibrated out, just a matter of the powdercoating heating up under temperature and shrinking, sorted now] defining moments? the fast saturday evening ride back from lincoln, down to stamford, past rutland water, into melton mowbray for the 'leicstershire tt' visor splattered, bike fly-blown and sticky from road debris, dangerous on my 'yellow-hammer' supersport, deserted roads and warm, low sunshine. oh yeah and the illegal ride back from a distant bike-night, racing to get home before the darkness falls........


  1. Fucking awesome!, (pardon my French)

  2. Love the finished product man! That mini fairing looks great. Are you using the stock stay?

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