another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 12 June 2015

moto morini riders trackday [aka still the best kept secret in motorcycling]

as soon as the invite to the moto morini riders trackday drops through the letterbox i get my entry back a.s.a.p. seriously, miss this at your peril, more tracktime than you could ever need, laid back and just really good crack, great bikes, ice cream and like minded people, all the ingredients for a bosting day out. [the morini club pay extra for the good weather too] me, chalky and dangerous ended up looking like lobsters, the 'peaky blinder' ran great all day, never missing a beat, got a graze down my forearm where a lad on a montjuic forced me onto the grass at the chicane, he waved an apology, no worries, stuffed him around charlies, balance sorted, fish and chip supper at mermaid fisheries in horncastle, van unloaded, couple of peronis and fell asleep in front of the telly watching the tt coverage, a perfect day.......... 


  1. Finally!, sounds like it was worth all the trouble and strife Tim.

  2. 3, well-chuffed corner carvers... looks like a great day out!