another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 6 March 2015

soot and stars.

need to fab up some brackets to hold the seat on, the fibreglass seat unit is a 'race-only' item, read, very, very thin fibreglass, i'm thinking a couple of ally 't' brackets and a carbon off-cut pad to support my weight. initially roughed out by chain drilling to shape, finished on the miller. miller head turned to get the rad's on the side, counterbored for mounting hardware, fly cut to get a decent finish. fucking fuck, look's like a streetfighter, the seat rising too high at the back, carefully measure, apply masking tape as a guide and gingerley cut off the mounting stubs from the frame with a junior to lessen the angle, dress with a file and re-tap the welded on frame slugs, seat angles now miles out, couple more cuts on the miller to get to a 15 deg. angle, looks ok. result with the shyster's regarding the carbon-fibre seat unit, like my old ma mavis say's 'a kind word and a head-butt will get it sorted' funny how brave you can be behind the anonymity of a phone or a keyboard........


  1. i recently discovered this page when my neighbour bought a new benneli because his 750 was leaking oil on the rear cylinder (coudn't be arsed fixing) and said about selling, your work is fantastic and your attitude towards all the "scene people" is strongly felt in this camp, keep up the good work

  2. Bloody hell mate, those seat mountings look the absolute dogs bollocks, you must be pretty damn chuffed, and quite rightly too.
    Did the solution to the seat saga really require and in person visit??? Un fucking believable some people huh. Glad its sorted.

  3. thank you spud and anonymous for your kind comments, just to fill you in, i phoned them again this week to ask about the seat, i'm very disappointed in the reaction, 'another month at least, it's not worth our while making it, you'll get it when you get it' sadly lacking in the customer service department me'thinks? at first they said i couldn't have my money back seeing as they had made it, i happened to mention that, a. i am less than an hour's drive away so could pay a visit, b. i bought it on e-bay and they are very pissed when they get negative feedback, [and i had two buckets full ready to dump on them] and c. they backed down pretty quickly when i ripped them a strip off! within an hour my money was refunded via paypal, suprising that they couldn't do it because 'the manager wasn't in today and he's the only one who can do refunds' really leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, i really wanted that seat, it would have looked the dog's danglies with the little touches of carbon already on the bike and balanced out the look, but, i wasn't prepared to be fobbed off with piss-poor excuses and the fact that 'it wasn't worth their while' rings a little hollow, especially when they took the payment and have had my £160 in their arse pocket.
    'anonymous' thank you, i know i'm a grumpy old sod sometimes, especially against all the hipster bollocks that seems to dominate the motorcycling scene, a honda cb 175 / cd200 / cx 500 might be 'cool' in some shoreditch, bearded, newly tattooed scene, but to me, they were just the japanese version of 'grey porridge', ride to work bikes that you would hide at the back of a bikers pub carpark if your main ride was off the road because, 1. you had crashed it. 2. waiting a re-bore on your mental two-stroke or 3. you were broke and that's all you could afford. a bit like the emperor's new clothes, get it on bikeefix or the bikeshed blog and you are the real deal, everyone fawning and stroking their beard's and talking bollock's about them being a 'classic' what a fucking joke! not an original thought in their heads, just pandering to some sort of imaginary 'scene' i know i've said it many times before, but, i really don't fit in with the motorcycle 'scene' at all, i feel uncomfortable about it all really, don't get me wrong, i love anything with two-wheel's it's just all the bollock's that goes along with it, the only reason i keep posting is because i love it when i find like minded people who just 'get-it' oh yeah and the reason that dementia is creeping up quickly and i have to post otherwise i would forget what i've done! [did you buy the 750 off your neighbour? any plans for it? a rear cylinder leak isn't a big deal after all.....]

  4. Haha! was just posting up some grey porridge myself... what utter B.S. regarding the so called seat builders! Ever thought about doing your own carbon fiber seat? have seen the supplies sold at my local hobby shop for RC airplane guys...have thought about trying it myself sometime...the seat trestles are very cool!