another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 7 March 2015

football, love it, hate it, we are on ninety minutes, two-nil up against a poor birmingham city side who we dicked four-nil at their place on boxing day, we are cruising, three points in the bag, they haven't had a shot on target, just concentrate derby, run down the time, easy-peasy, one of our lads fails to row -zed it, defender dives in, penno, they score, oh well, 2-1 and three points in the bag, nah, we are derby, it's never that simple, just need possesion, run down the clock, no chance,  deep into injury time and they get another goal to nick a point, fucking, bloody, fucking fuck, i hate this game / i love this game, we throw away the chance to go two points clear at the top of the championship, i'm fucking speechless me! anyhoo, back to reality, the oberon filler fitted, love oberon stuff, pure class, my mind flicks to the exhaust, i'm going to clean up the standard downpipes and fit a couple of carbon can's, [same as we ran on the boxer race bike] decide to dick about with the standard hanger brackets, why try and invent the wheel? a little bit of hacksaw and file and i reckon i can 'massage' them into something useable. football. i hate football me.....


  1. Nice 'Duc face' you've created there...Thanks for helping me title my last post, at my relates to your previous post here. To paraphrase a Pink Floyd phrase...."I can't work on any fast bikes...till I finish me porridge...".

  2. ayup...i went satday' how the fuck we won is beyond me?

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