another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 28 February 2015


paint back from mad john, tanks good, fairing needs some therapy, [he forgot to trim the bottom of the fairing where the lowers fix if you are running a full fairing, i'm not, just the top] so, it's out with a 22 tpi hacksaw blade, held in a rag and i carefully cut the mountings off and file and sand to shape before it goes back for more paint. the carbon seat saga continues, they aren't answering the phone now and my emails are left unanswered, deep joy, looks like thats another £160 spunked for fuck-all. i sometimes wonder how these bastards sleep me. i'm just a normal working class bloke, i can ill afford to lose that amount of money because some twat can't meet their promise, i paid up front on the understanding that it was a two-week turnaround, three months and counting and i'm no nearer to getting my seat. anyhoo, i need to fit the cast aluminium filler into the tank top, i spend an afternoon carefully fettling back the paint on the tank, oh my, it's a tight fit, the cast filler that i had blasted is secured by nine 4mm grub screws that 'pinch' the neck of the tank to secure it, i try and press it in and tighten the screws, no way, i have to abandon it, i need to run a tap through each mounting and grease the screws, bollocks, i sack it, have a beer and listen to craig charles funk and soul show, sometimes it's just better to fold and live to fight another day............


  1. d'ya know tim im used to all types of bikes....but the way that is secured looks proper mickey mouse compered to the rest of the bike?

  2. Looking good Tim. Does that filler assembly seal against an o-ring or some sealant....asks the guy who knows little about Ducati...?

  3. cheers jan, still waiting your reply re. hookworms? grant, innit youth? larry, yeah, there's an 'o' ring, fits inside the tank, [theres a lot of stuff you need to access in the tank, fuel pump, electrics, couple of filters etc] just a really, really tight fit. ended up 'persuading' the assembly into the tank with a piece of two-by-two and my favourite hide hammer, brutal i know.....