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Saturday, 17 January 2015

ladybird books

must admit, it's very rare that i actually buy a daily newspaper, i tend to scan the online versions, my favourite is probably the guardian, yesterdays issue featured the artwork of the legendary 'ladybird' books, i was immediately transported back in time to an age of innocence, a time before quantitavite easing, internet, mobile phones and the pressure of being a 'grown-up' a time when you had to catch a bus into town and buy a record from a record shop, on something called 'vinyl' if you wanted to listen to music, a time when you had three channels on tv, a time when we had power-cut's, strikes and you went to butlins for a week if you were lucky, a time when you saw your dad on a sunday afternoon because the rest of the time he was working to get you a weeks holiday at butlins. i've always been able to read, or so it seems, i will read the label on the brown-sauce bottle, i suppose i haven't really, i guess someone taught me along the way, way back in those halycon day's of endless summer holidays and cold, snowy winters. ladybird books played a part in my education, from pond-life to the admiral nelson, easy to digest and artwork that will stay with me until i punt off this mortal coil, one of these books is a very naughty, but very funny pastiche of the classic books, you will have to look hard to find it i'm sure........


  1. It was all fields and you could leave your back door open, oo'er!!

  2. Try telling kids today and they won't believe you! Little buggers.

  3. Over here we had the Dick and Jane books, and the Classic Little Golden Books. Definitely from another time...
    Oh yeah, meant to say earlier...if you haven't googled it yet...Phil Lesh's place is called 'Terrapin Crossroads' San Rafael...they have a web site of course, with music schedules and menus...looks like they have free music most nights with local talent and lot's of bigger concerts that get sold out...going to have to check it out myself sometime soon,,,,