another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 13 November 2014

ducati track bike project [aka unradical ducati, the blind stagger, the poverty bike, peaky blinder]

everybody's a fucking expert, i'm a pipe fitter - welder by trade, the last few welds i've had done by 'expert's' have been a pile of toss, so, i've dug out the old 'hobby' arc welding set out from under the bench and done it myself, filled the holes in the swingarm where the hugger fit's onto the standard bike, cleaned off all the redundant brackets on the main cradle too. had a couple of hours spare tonight so filed off the casting flash off the bottom yoke, wet and dry and a quick polish with solvol, yes, yes, i know you won't even see it, but, i can't sleep at night if i know i left it...............


  1. But we all know it'll look the dog's danglies when it's done!!

  2. thank's steve, you are right of course, always had the cursed obssesive compulsive 'ting and 'ting going on when it comes to bikes, andy, it's a trackbike for fuck's sake! i don't need to make it pretty, [but, like you said, it will be when it's done, out! out! out!, leave me alone, the voices, the voices!!!!!]