another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 14 September 2014

no ordinary love

when i ride, i don't know about you, but, i have a soundtrack playing somewhere in my subconscious, i'm concentrating on riding my bike yet, somewhere there's tunes bouncing around, prince, 'if i was your girlfriend', nine inch nails, 'all the love in the world', julian cope's epic psychedelic rock masterpiece 'safesurfer', marvin gaye, 'trouble man' i'm aware that the day's are getting shorter and every day riding is a bonus i'm out on the 'false' triumph, out into leicestershire on a warm but overcast late afternoon, the tree's changing colour and leaves, black and brown and rich russett red falling gently to the ground, the farmer ploughing the stiff, dead corn stubble back into the ground, a hundred and one gull's swooping and crying as they follow the plough reaping the fruits of the freshly tilled soil, the smell of damp earth as it turns to face the cloudy sky, i'm filled with a feeling of melancholy as i realise the summer is rapidly fading......


  1. Time to get in the shed then, and sort that freshly aquired basketcase, sorry, Ducati out!

  2. Ditto was Driving hard back the road on Sunday with ToTo Rosanna playing in my head,whats that all about ?