another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

ducati track bike project

yes, yes, i know it says 'ducati track bike project' as the post title, but, hold on, i'll explain. after the last trackday at cadwell i decided to move the bmw on, i realised i could have a lot of fun for a fraction of the cost that i had into the buzz-bomb, so, i put it up for sale on e[vil]-bay, oh dear, what a mistake, the first day i had a mail stating he was going to buy the bike for the full asking price, he arranged to come and see the bike on friday, gave me a fifty quid deposit and asked me to take down the listing as he was coming to pick up the bike on sunday, he seemed a really genuine bloke, very keen so i ended the listing, [ok, you can stop sniggering now, i know] the next month passed by in a series of broken promises, lies and bollocks, his mate died so he had to go to a funeral, one of his customers went bust owing him 26 big-ones, he had to go to his nephews wedding in ireland, he was away on a suprise wedding anniversary trip, you get the picture? yes, we see, so i relist the bike, matey contacts me to let me know that if i give him my sort code he will deposit the funds in my account, nothing, then we get player two involved, he is really interested in the bike, in fact he wants to buy it the next day, 'ok mate, if you are serious send me £500 deposit via pay-pal' he won't do that unless i drop the listing, [look, i'm a fucking mug, if you have been reading the blog for long enough you would already know that], so i end the listing again, matey no 2 doesn't send the deposit, i phone him, he informs me that he is at scarborough watching the gold-cup races and will be at my house monday afternoon to pick up the bike, pay the full amount in cash, sorted, monday i get a text, 'having slept on it, i decided i won't be buying your bike, best regards] fucking fuck! i reply 'it's a shame you didn't sleep on it before you arranged to pay me the money and i  cancelled the listing, i've had to deal with dreamers, schemers,scammers and time-waster's, you can pick which category you fall into, best regards' then, out of the blue i get another e-mail, no bullshit, give him my details and the payment is in my account by 1000hrs this morning, he can't pick up the bike himself but sends his mate, we agree a time, he is there on the dot to collect the bike. so, with the beemer gone i can finally move on with the ducati track bike project, i spend the rest of the afternoon stripping the bike down a little further and discovering the bodges and dangerous practices of the previous owner. i'm tempted to go around to his house and 'discuss' the finer points of motorcycle maintenance but decide to put it down to experience, shame really, i've lost any trust in 'fellow' motorcyclists i ever had.........


  1. The duke will definitely make a nice supplement for the beemer that gave you so much grief (even when you were just trying to get rid of it)!

    Let us know more about the bodges and corners that were cut, when it comes to maintenance... As it stands now, my dad started looking at Ducatis, so I might learn a thing or two from you and if I am really, really lucky NOT make the same mistakes...


  2. hi greg, will do, now i'm back from holiday i will start working on the duc and sorting out the 'keepers' from the growing pile of parts! jan, as usual, you know's it!!!!