another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 6 September 2014

classic tt / manx gp [part five]

 so, i pick up my camera from the police station at douglas, it looks very second-hand, the aluminium case displaying the scars of a very fast trip down the road, amazingly the thing still works, i press the button and it whirr's into life, there's a contact number in the zip-bag for the bloke who handed it in, i ring him to see what i owe him for the damage to his van, he just laughs and dismisses it, 'no damage mate, your mate's reaction was priceless as the camera almost hit him! he ducked, the camera came out of the leather case as it hit the road and bounced up and hit my windsreen, my apprentice was asleep in the passenger seat and he almost shit himself when it hit the van! told the cop's you were doing about forty miles an hour' a true gentleman indeed, the rest of the week goes past too quickly, bank holiday monday is a wash out, a visit to murray's amazing bike museum near the fairy bridge,  strong winds and relentless rain so no racing, racing tuesday see's us up at the creg, tuesday night is italian bike night at the railway, a couple of amazing bevel race bikes, wednesday see's us at the end of cronk y voddy straight for the junior manx gp and twin's race, tea and toasted tea cakes on the harbour at peel,  wednesday night and the triumph owners club meeting at the shore pub, get our kit together ready for an early morning sailing back to liverpool thursday morning but not before the defining moment's of the week, a fast couple of laps of the southern hundred circuit, the light low, the warmest evening of the trip, visor's peppered with fly's, we stop as the sun sinks at port erin, not a word uttered, does life get any better than this?...............


  1. shit luck about the bikes, hope you can laugh about it now! what did you have to do to earn Dangerous' forgiveness?