another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 3 August 2014

classic bike burn-up [part one]

 so, a month to the day, see's team loveless returning to the lincolnshire wold's for another day of fun and frolics at cadwell park, courtesy of rob and darin at classic bike trackdays and classic bike magazines annual 'burn-up' with mr's b unable to get the day off work, dangerous and chalky were riding shotgun for pit crew duties, [which consists of taking the piss, sitting about while i make the tea and spilling petrol all over the bike while re-fuelling] an early start see's us setting off just as dawn breaks, the sky is leaden and the forecast isn't good, heavy showers coming in from the west, after our usual stop at mcdonald's in sleaford for a java we make the ninety mile journey in just over two hour's. i'm straight down to sign on and get my wristbands for the riders briefing while chalky and dangerous get the bike noise tested, this being a road based trackday i'm on the ducati, [don't want to stretch it too far and turn up with the beemer complete with race tyres etc.] incidentally, thursday nights bike preparation consists of removing the numberplate, mirrors and taping up the indicators, headlight, tail-light and disconnecting the break light switch, oh yeah, and drinking a glass of red wine. anyway, briefings over, numbers and class stickers applied and kettle on, i'm soon called for my first session and have a look at some of the tackle in the holding area, pukka race bikes! lot's of them, bugger! didn't see that one coming, oh well, i recognise some of the lads from previous bhr/crmc practice days and race meetings, out onto the track, two sighting laps and off we go, i'm on a road bike, road tyres and i'm laughing like a drain dicking the usual subjects on g50's, the beezer lads who are at every classic bike meeting, manx nortons, rob north tridents and some of the modern tackle that race in the practical sportsbike series down the straights only to have them ride around me on the corners! what a fucking laugh! the weather clears and the half-hearted shower soon gives way to hot sunshine and perfect track conditions, bloody hell, even my road tyres are 'balling-up' and picking up big gob's of race rubber from the track, the afternoon goes in a blur of general hooning and hooliganism, laugh's and chatting with people, good to catch up with gary from sideburn who was down on his magnificent 'black arrow' special, we talked football, motorcycles and wax cotton tool roll's, all good in the hood. a quick walk around during the lunch break reveals a treasure trove of lovely motorcycles, [more photo's to follow] some serious stuff, not all out on track today, saturday see's the practical sportbike track day and sunday the cadwell park 80th anniversary race meeting, 1830 hours and after my fifth session i decide to call it a day, it's been a long day and i don't want to push my luck too far, we pack up and skin out, by 1930hrs we are sat in the memorial gardens in horncastle, a fish supper from the best fish and chip shop in the world, mermaid fisheries, 70 miles later and after dropping chalky off me and dangerous unload the van in pouring rain, i've had a blast on a bike that stands me at a third of what it cost me to build the beemer, some serious thinking needed about where we go from here then...........................


  1. Sounds like a great day, a friend if mine is thinking aboot buying a Ducati like yours, any tips?

  2. Tell them to do it jan! They really are great fun for not a lot of money,but, prices are starting to creep up a bit now, the 750's are good too and go for a lot less, get the cam belts changed no matter what the previous owner says and change the oil and filter regularly and you are good to, the carby models are easier to work on but I had a fuel injected terrablanche 750ss and that ran well too, I've spent less than fifty quid on my 900 since I bought it last year, (oil, filter and a pair of rental grips because the originals were starting to spin on the throttle barrel), been to the Isle of Man, done a trackday, rode it to work and done a few three hundred mile trips on it as well as the normal Sunday afternoon hoon, can't praise them enough, especially the exhaust note and the induction noise!

  3. Thanks Tim, I'm going to show him your reply, just to "fack 'im up"