another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 11 July 2014

more news from nowhere

newark autojumble, clay cross c.m.c british bike day, vmcc club night, m.f.n bike night, a quick blat around the local lanes, run out on the ducati to blow away the cobwebs and a trip to the local triumph dealer to pick up a primary gasket and a drain plug washer, [don't get me started now, i had to order them, three days delivery, what the fuck? dealers don't stock service items? pathetic] yep, busy week, lot's of riding, cool day out at the c.m.c british bike day, new norton sounded fucking brilliant, fair play to the owner getting it on the road, never, ever road legal but who cares? norton rotary bike project, jpn norton, 'inckley bonneville ally tanked cafe racer, 'johnny' rigid trump, the best triton in the world ever, [found out he lives a mile away from me, small world] cheeky as norton bobber and a hundred and one great bikes, rode up to the vmcc club night on my 'false' triumph and got slated, apparently my bike 'sound's like a tractor, too bally loud' well mate, i ride mine, i don't get it out of a van and push it into the carpark so people can admire it, over to newark for the autojumble, caught up with an old mate, chris green, he's sold his softail and is into a '45, we talked punk rock, bikes and i didn't heed his warning that the 'jumble was 'like a fucking car boot sale' it was. absolute junk. like barse said, 'it's everything that you can't sell on e.bay, anyway, over to the triumph dealer to pick up my service items, i'm swapping the clutch springs on the bonneville for some barnett 'green' springs to try and cure the slipping clutch, the dealership is pretty plush, full of t-shirt buyers just like a harley shop, i spot the 'special' bike up on the plinth, pride of place, thruxton with loads of money thrown at it, i actually liked it until i saw the price tag, bloody fucking hell, fifteen thousand big-ones, for a triumph? that's more than i paid for my first house............


  1. But does your house have such a natty paintjob Tim?

    1. we don't do 'paint' in the bailey household Jan, we just let the dog's add a 'racing-stripe' at skirting board level!