another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 7 June 2014

the right string baby, but the wrong yo-yo

nearly there with the triumph project, just the speedo to sort, i get it out of the box this afto and my heart sinks, bollocks, this may be a tad challenging to a thick derby lad like me, reading the instructions and i soon suss that i need to mount some magnets in the disc bolts, [front or rear, doesn't matter] to enable the sensor to read the speed, a dummy run reveals the rear disc is the neatest option, drill the mounting bolts, epoxy resin the magnets into the heads and drill and mount the sensor into the caliper bracket, ahh, the speedo, mill up a bracket and mount that up to the top yoke, err, wires everywhere, i eventually work out what wire goes where to make the speedo work, result, except there are another nine wires that i need to connect to get a neutral light, oil light, fuel gauge, trip meter, indicator lights, blah, blah, blah, i just don't do electrickery majik, it's doing my head in, i decide to just tuck in the remaining wires into some heat shrink sleeving and tape it up, i offer up the original numberplate, oh dear, fucking massive and totally not in keeping with the bike, good job i've had a totally illegal, black and silver pre-'72 plate made, not sure what to do here, do i keep it legal or go with the more aesthetically pleasing illegal jobby? no contest, thats it then, all being well i'll be riding the 'false' triumph tomorrow, i push the bike into the shed and the magnets are catching the rear caliper mounting bracket, bloody fucking hell, the paddock stand won't fit properly because of the new exhaust, i use a piece of wood under the downtubes of the frame and jack the bike up in the alley between the house and shed, it's wobbling like a fat bird in greggs, i really don't like this, disaster is imminent, all i can see is the bike falling off the stand and getting damaged, bracket off, bolt onto service plate and mill the offending material away, all the time i'm running out to pump up the jack as it's shagged and keeps sinking making the whole plot even more unstable, fucking motorbikes, i'm struggling to get the rear spindle aligned, the spacers in and all of a sudden that fireblade on e-bay looks more and more attractive...........


  1. It's all part of the fun, me duck!!

  2. Your level of perfection astounds me loveymucker, from fasteners to frames, it's all bloody brilliant, so don't sweat the niggling small potatoes . . . can't wait for the post match report on the morrow.

  3. High tech electrickery at that...when I was wrenching...wiring and electrical gremlins were never my favorite...give me cylinders to bore, engines to build, bits to fabricate...and I was a happy little worker bee...