another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 22 June 2014

pieces of a man

spending loads of time out on the bike's at the moment, just riding, wednesday night over to mfn for the bike-night, absolutely rammed, thursday a quick hundred miles on the ducati, friday, over to ammo's to catch up, saturday see's me and mr's b taking a solstice ride out into derbyshire on the bonny, sunday, well sunday is sunday is sunday, the usual sixty mile ride out late evening, we are past the equinox now, the longest day gone, time on the bike is time to think, fuck me, i've just become so cynical, i analyse stuff too much me, i need to chill and not let shit bother me, i'm becoming the bitter old twat i've always hated, if people want to build bmw cafe racers, pipe-wrap old-ride-to-work-honda commuter bikes, grow beards, ride in an organised bike-run wearing tweed or attend pre 1967 only bike events then who am i to cock a snook at them? when i look back at some of my early posts it was all about fun, perhaps it might be time to call it a day...........................


  1. Don't be daft, it'll be reet!

    1. What you need is one of those distinguished gentleman's pipe-wrapped beards, and a pair of jeans worth more than your bike. No, just keep on keeping on!!

  2. I like how that dark patch on your left boot says "Ride more, talk less" to me.

    It'll be alright (and nobody will be annoyed, if you take your time for some riding during the sunny days that we're blessed with at the moment)

  3. Hey man,came by your place a week last Saturday to show you the Guzzi !shame to have missed you.Loads to talk about.Need a catch up.Don't quit the blog,I need to know there are like minded souls out there.Laters mate.Nick.

  4. Sounds like someone needs a...road trip! Blogs are work and a bit of bother...particularly dealing with the vagaries of computer nonsense....This post as usual has great photos and tells a "story"...After my recent vacation, I feel fired up to get back into my projects and my floggin' blogs... As always, I take inspiration from viewing and reading your posts...get to travel in my head over cross 'the big pond' you say're blessed, with family and good mates...good weather? and lots of bike oriented stuff going on in your neck of the woods...pip...pip...cheerio...stiff upper lip...and all that jazz...

  5. Oh no, don't call it a day Tim, who's going to build all the clean, quality bikes, (no patina needed!). I believe having a good, (and entertaining!), rant is part of life and the human condition, imagine just sitting there and not voicing an opinion, .................. and this blog is perfect for that, as well as showing what can be done with a good skill set, some big milling machines and a cup of tea!

  6. Your right Tim there a fucking waste of time,its time I knocked mine on the head too,I could be making money on the puter sellin bits

  7. Hi Tim. Like everyone else I don't want to see the end of the Loveless blog, but at the end of the day you aren't getting paid for this, so far as I know you don't owe anyone a massive favour to continue, so do whatever feels right for you. If you decide to finish, give yourself a big pat on the back for the pleasure you've given your readers for so long, then relax in your favourite chair and open a beer.
    Thanks for the memories.

  8. still not convinced that i just shouldn't just nuke it all and disappear, thanks anyway everyone.