another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 23 May 2014

where is the what if the what is why?

ey up, got the triumph back from nige. here's some blurry pictures of the exhaust that he's made up for us. full stainless/inox, we talked through what i wanted for the bike, he wanted to run the header pipes at the same angle as the frame rails, i didn't, [the reason being i want to change the stock f'ugly oil cooler for a more period 'mocal' type seven-row item, if i hadn't changed the angle i wouldn't have had the room to fit it, [it will all make sense when it's fitted i promise....] anyhoo, take in the faultless workmanship, race style spring fasteners and the 'lobsterback' moto gp type can, totally at odd's with the rest of the bike but just oh so cheeky. i wanted the left-hand pipe sneaking through the gap between the engine and cradle frame, didn't think it was possible in reality but i reckon nige has nailed it, got my abbreviated front mudguard back off the painter too, new shocks mounted and base settings sorted, 13 pre-load settings and multi-adjustable damping to sort, that just leaves the keihin carbs to nail on, set up, re-jet and oh yeah, the simple job of mounting and splicing the new speedo into the wiring loom and i reckon i should be riding by august........


  1. It's lookin' really sweet, sexy pipework to boot!!

  2. There's a helluva lustre going on there Tim. How does the can sound, does it have a removable baffle

  3. Looking beautiful...the pipe is 'tits'...(as the real old time bikers would it).

  4. I, also am diggin' the downturn exhaust Loveless. I can hear what it sounds like in my mind's ear it echoes off the buildings while motoring through a dark and deserted Derbyshire, all jacked up on tea, turmoil and evil intentions.

  5. cheer's andy, thought you might appreciate the pipes, jan, let's just say the pipe is very loud without the baffle and pretty 'fruity' with it!, mr williams, fuck off yourself you big, good looking bronzed god! larry, tits indeed, ahh, hermit, i too think of myself blasting through the derbyshire dales, mother's shielding their offsprings ear's and covering their eyes as the big, tattooed, triumph riding heathen sends sparks flyin' out of the fiery anus of his exhaust, the sparks igniting the tinder dry vegetation at the side of the two-lane blacktop and with a sneer on my lips i scream 'check me out in my one-piece zebra print onesie and comedy 'big-foot' slipper's 'ya fuckerssssssss!'

  6. August? F*cking August - tuttut Mr. Loveless. Now will you please pull yourself together and fit those absolutely sexually arousing Keihins to that poor little Triumph, so they can finally make love with the engine?



    Comin' together nicely... oh and loud pipes save lives. Mine was saved at least twice this week thanks to the glasspack muffler on the TR1...